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Level 2




 The following application needs to be completed prior to you attending your 1st Level II Education class.


  • Please "download" and "save as" to your computer, phone, or tablet

  • Open the saved file on your computer, phone, or table

  • Complete all fields

  • "Save" the file one more time

  • e-mail to


To submit your intake documents:


1. Complete and e-mail  prior to your 1st class to


2. Scan and e-mail  prior to your 1st class to

Level 2 Education Admissions Application

***If the fields do not save your data - complete all fields and then print the form to pdf***

All pages of this application must be completed & submitted

Per Colorado State Regulations, all pages of the Admissions Application must be completed prior to your 1st.


We can not admit you into the classes until all pages of the Admissions Application are received.

To complete your application on your smartphone or tablet you will need to download the free adobe reader app. 
  • 1.Then you will need to open this page with the Safari browser
  • 2. Open the document, select the download icon & then import to Adobe
  • 3. Fill out your application
  • 4. Select the download icon again & then "share a copy" to send via email

To complete these documents on your tablet or smart phone you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat mobile app.

Download the free mobile app for Android devices from Google Play, iOS app from  iTunes App Store, or the Windows Phone app.

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