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Affidavit of Enrollment

We can only complete your Affidavit if you're currently enrolled and attending Level 2 classes with us.


To be enrolled you must:

  • Complete & submit your admissions application

  • Attend your 1st class

  • Successfully complete an intake interview

***Please allow for a week turn around on the completion of your Affidavit***

The Affidavit of Enrollment allows for the return of your driving privileges under very strict conditions.


Please consider the following before you apply.


  • You must complete Level II Education and Level II Therapy. Missing more than your allotted missed classes will result in an immediate non-compliance report to the DMV.

  • ATOPS is required by statute to report ANY non-compliance of your requirements to DMV.

  • A report of non-compliance may result in the cancellation of your license and denial to reapply until you have completed Level II Education and Level II Therapy.

  • ATOPS must report non-compliance within 5 days of occurrence.

  • ATOPS is required to do ongoing reporting to DMV of your compliance or non-compliance.

  • If you have not completed your education and treatment requirements by the estimated completion date a new Affidavit of Enrollment will need to be issued.


Please follow these steps in order to complete your Affidavit correctly:


  • Please only complete the following sections at the top of the form: Name, Date of Birth, and Colorado Pin ( which is your Driver’s License  number)


  • Sign and Date the “Signature of Applicant”


To submit your Affidavit:

E-mail your completed Affidavit of Enrollment to

Upon receipt ATOPS will:

  • Complete all remaining sections

  • Send a copy to the DMV

  • Send you a copy via e-mail

  • Report your compliance and attendance in the Level II Program to the DMV

* *Please allow for a week turn around for the completion of your Affidavit**

You can download the free Android mobile app from Google Play or iOS version from the iTunes App Store. There is also a mobile app for Windows Phone devices.


To complete these documents on your tablet or smart phone you will need to download the free Adobe mobile app.

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