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Class Descriptions

Level 2 Education consists of education about alcohol, drugs and their effects on driving. Non-problem-social drinkers learn the facts and can decide whether or not a change is needed in their drinking patterns. If they decide to change, they will have some knowledge on which to base their decision.


The Level 2 program is accomplished in twelve(12)  two (2) hour sessions (this is a State Regulation). 

  • Orientation
  • Alcohol/Drug Impaired Driving & The Law
  • Changing Thoughts, Beliefs, Actions and Learning Self-Control
  • The Facts about Alcohol and Other Drug Use
  • Alcohol/Drugs: Use and Misuse
  • Preventing Recidivism and Relapse


Level II Education and Therapy may be court ordered for you once you have your meeting with your probation officer. It also may be advised to start by your attorney.



  • You must complete Education before you begin Therapy.

  • It is not possible to do Education at the same time as Therapy.       

Level 2 Education

Level 2 Therapy

When Level 2 Therapy is needed you will complete 42, 52, 68 or 86 contact hours. 


The Level II Therapy is assigned to Tracks.

  • Track A - 42 hours

  • Track B - 52 hours

  • Track C - 68 hours

  • Track D - 86 hours

Just like education, you will attend one 2 hour class a week to complete your therapy hours


This amount will depend on your court order sentence. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your sentence.


Clients in the Level II Therapy program will examine unique personal issues, as well as, the following topics in depth:

  • What got me here

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Feelings

  • Relationships

  • Communication

  • Coping Skills

  • A Change Plan  

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